Email Marketing

If you are a start-up or a small to medium company, internet marketing might be the last thing on your mind. Look at the facts: Electronic mail is one of the most widely-used communication tools we have today. More than 2.9 billion people in America have at least one email account. A quarter of these belong to businesses. Using email marketing campaigns, you can reach this audience directly and promote your brand.

Affordable Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is part of our affordable SEO solutions. Our team will be in charge of gathering email contacts and sending out informative messages. We will attract new clients and maintain your relationship with current ones. You will control all content: dictating images, social media links, and promotions you want to highlight. Our content team creates professional promotional emails, feedback messages, and thank-you notes for your local clients. We only deliver high quality, relevant messages that reflect your brand image and message.

We carefully schedule our emails to ensure the most number of readers. Whether you want to reach Las Vegas locals or Southern California residents, we can come up with an effective email marketing campaign for you.

Email Tracking Feature

We provide information on all emails we send out each day. Our tracking services monitor both the number of emails we send out and the number of recipients that open these messages. We also track how each recipient responds to your message.

  • An email marketing campaign’s success relies on your interpretation of data.
  • Many industries already use this strategy, but our expertise sets our services apart from others.
  • You will know exactly how our campaign influences your return of investments.
  • We will calculate and adjust our methods based on these results.
  • Expect to receive regular status updates and professional reports on your email marketing campaign.