Social Media

“How do you engage with your customers?”

Is it progressively in the online space and everyone but you are on Twitter and Facebook?Are these the forums your target market flocks to for what’s new and what’s cool?Social media offers a diverse platform to engage with your audience but it’s not for everyone. Trying to sell your products on Facebook just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

If you are targeting end users (B2C) then your business needs a social media presence and strategy. 60 per cent of all adults globally are active on social media and 79 per cent of users are likely to seek the opinions of others before deciding where to put their money.

Social Media is engaging in regular dialogue with your target audience in a manner that’s fun, informative and most importantly relevant.

We can help you;

– Define your social media strategy

– Design and create your company Facebook and Twitter pages

– Create engaging, targeted e-newsletter communications

– Ensure consistency by positioning your company brand across all your online media initiatives

– Gain valuable insights into how your services are being used and recommended

From Facebook, Twitter to Google Plus – Quentosity has the comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of business social media.

Presence for your company across key sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest is a must in today’s market. Quentosity can design custom profile images, cover photos and Twitter backgrounds and integrate them across these social pages and within your websites utilizing buttons, live feeds and more, we can ensure a comprehensive and active social media presence for your brand.