Web Development

Development of unique solutions to business problems since 1999 with years of experience to ensure you get the right outcomes for your goals online. Talk to us about how we can solve your problems online.

Web Design and Development

Our team of highly experienced and expert developers can work with you to deliver just about anything you need online.We have the knowledge along with a wide range of tools and the tricks of the trade from years of experience to deliver smart and engaging websites that work – that get results for your investment.And we can build from the ground up, so that we can make the exact website you want; the website that fits your business perfectly to achieve your goals.Also importantly our team can produce responsive or mobile websites so your visitors can enjoy and interact with your content on any tablet or mobile device they’re using.

Responsive Design

With the rapid increase of smartphone and tablet sales, the way people interact with the Internet has dramatically changed.We specialise in building websites with Responsive Design to make sure your site caters to the ever-expanding mobile audience.With Responsive Design, your site will appear perfectly for a range of different devices, adjusting to the screen size that any visitor may be using. This ensures a better viewing experience for mobile users.

eCommerce Websites

If you have a business that sells a product, there’s no better marketplace than the Internet. At Digital Stream we approach eCommerce websites in an entirely comprehensive manner, where even the tiniest elements of our designs are underpinned by the goal of increasing revenue. We look for ways to create highly customised eCommerce websites and create special features that are specific to your business.

Mobile Websites

They’re browsing on the bus, on the street, on their couch or in their bed… everywhere and anywhere. And they’re doing it all from devices sitting in the palm of their hands.The typical internet viewer has changed dramatically over recent years. No longer are they bound to their desks, viewing your company’s website on a monitor, they’re doing it on multiple devices.To truly succeed with your web presence, you need to cater to this fast growing mobile audience. We design and develop mobile websites that make sense for your mobile users and work perfectly on a smartphone.

Content Management Systems

At Digital Stream we’d like you to dine out on the success of your web presence for a lifetime.That’s why we’ve developed, and continue to improve, CMStream. It’s a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy for you to update, add content to, and manage all aspects of your website yourself.One of the best things about CMStream is its total user-friendliness. You don’t to be a web genius to get the best possible results from your website, and we’ll give you all the training you need with ongoing support.

Mobile Apps

By creating mobile apps that are tailored to your business, and designed specifically for the audience you want to reach, we can make sure your business is performing well all the time, everywhere.We want you to be able share information, pictures, competitions, games or efficient business practices, with whoever you like online, and we know the best ways to make it happen.Whether it’s a fun way to engage with your mobile customers, or let your employees do their work away from the office, we can make an app that’ll sort you out.

Custom Software & Web Applications

We develop custom software with the sole purpose of saving your business time and money. If a problem exists in the way your company operates online, we can deliver a totally bespoke and cost-effective solution.

We always focus on providing a higher level of automation for your company through our custom software development, with an end goal of reducing operating costs.